CEO Letter to Clients

2. 3. 2021
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CEO Letter to Clients

Prague, March 2nd, 2021


Dear Clients, Partners and Friends


We have recently received many concerns about our operations associated with the current situation in the Czech Republic. Despite several uneasy months, I am happy to report that our business and operations are continuing without significant interruption.

With this letter, I intend to explain the measures we have established at ABS Jets to protect our clients and employees and the conditions under which you can visit our main base in Prague.

We are now in the latest pandemic surge in Europe. Our capital city Prague, however, is currently stable. The current protective measures which may impact your stay to a degree are:

  • Wearing respirators and surgical face masks (the obligation to wear a surgical face mask applies, a respirator is mandatory in selected locations, especially public transport and shops),
  • Free movement within the country (a ban on movement between districts has been in place since March 1st, 2021, which means you will not be allowed to go anywhere in the country outside the capital).

Our international crew and flight/aircraft engineers who hold CREW ID are exempt from the Czech Republic’s travel ban. This group is not subject to PCR tests nor mandatory quarantine. If the crew requires, our Travel Management team also assists them with accommodation arrangements.

ABS Jets is closely monitoring the situation both internally and externally. All our employees are equipped with respirators. Disinfection dispensers have been installed across the company, and antigen tests are also available. Our operative employees are screened for symptoms of contagion and regularly tested. The remainder of our staff has been advised to work remotely until further notice, and extension of remote working for additional periods is reviewed regularly.

The conditions mentioned above are in place today. If you have any questions about the restrictions and conditions, please contact us at or one of the following email addresses according to the nature of your request.


For Maintenance inquiries, please contact:

For FBO inquires please contact:

For Jet Charter & Brokerage, please contact:

For Flight Planning, please contact:


Stay healthy, stay safe, stay with us!


Kind regards,


Jan Kralik

Chief Executive Officer / Accountable Manager

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