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Average response time is within 1 h (24/7); you can be airborne in just 2 h.

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Average response time is within 1 h (24/7)

You can be airborne in just 2 h.

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Imagine the freedom to travel. At ABS Jets we will arrange a private aircraft for you that will transport you anywhere in a fraction of the time it usually takes. Our aircraft are among the most luxurious means of transport in the world. Private flights with ABS Jets differ from standard air taxis through their first-class cabin service, catering prepared according to your wishes and flight personnel that are only here for you.

Do you need to depart for a business meeting in Geneva within two hours or do you want to be on a beach in the Caribbean in 10 hours without a stopover? Our Charter and Brokerage department will arrange private flights for you anywhere around the world.


We will recommend the right type of aircraft that is the best choice for your business flight. The smaller and economically efficient Cessna Citation CJ2 or one of the more comfortable and faster business jets in the world, the Gulfstream G650? We will advise you.

Thanks to our own operating centre for planning flights, we monitor the whole course of your flight, which enables us to inform you or persons you authorise of movements by your aircraft and flexibly respond in the event of a change to the flight plan.

Pronájem soukromého letadla


Výhoda 1

Business trips fast, efficiently and discretely

Výhoda 1

Travelling with your family and pets in maximum comfort

Výhoda 1

Flight coordination with the option of a fast change to the flight plan

Výhoda 1

Exclusive catering in accordance with your requirements

Výhoda 1

Fast check-in and VIP lounge

Výhoda 1

Transport of passengers and luggage using our own vehicles


The most frequently-used aircraft include those with a capacity of from 4 to 8 passengers. We will be happy to help you arrange an aircraft for luxury charter flights with a capacity of up to 60 passengers, for example a large Airbus or Boeing airliner. Aircraft with a range of up to 12,000 km enabling trips around the world without a stopover.

If you don’t select an aircraft from our fleet, then we will arrange another one for you that, however, has passed a thorough audit, so that we can ensure 100% quality of our services.


Gulfstream G650

16 passengers
Max. range of 12 964 km
Max. speed of 956 km/h


Cessna citation XLS+

9 passengers
Max. range 3 889 km
Max. speed 816 km/h


Gulfstream G500

16 passengers
Max. range of 10 742 km
Max. speed of 941 km/h


Bombardier Challenger 605

12 passengers
Max. range 7 400 km
Max. speed 827 km/h


Gulfstream G550

16 passengers
Max. range of 12 501 km
Max. speed of 904 km/h


Dassault Falcon 7X

14 passengers
Max. range of 9 250 km
Max. speed of 904 km/h


Embraer Legacy 650

13 passengers
Max. range of 7 223 km
Max. speed of 850 km/h


Embraer Legacy 600

13 passengers
Max. range of 6 019 km
Max. speed of 852 km/h


Airbus H145

9 passengers
Max. range of 650 km
Max. speed of 248 km/h

If you don’t select an aircraft from our fleet, then we will arrange another one for you that, however, has passed a thorough audit, so that we can ensure 100% quality of our services.



(e.g. Pilatus PC12, King Air 350)

4-8 passengers
Max. range of 3 000 – 3 400 km
Max. speed of 550 – 580 km/h

Light Jets


(e.g. Cessna Mustang, Cessna CJ2,
Honda Jet, Beechjet)

4-7 passengers
Max. range of 1 800 – 2 410 km
Max. speed of 630 – 832 km/h

Midsize Jets


(e.g. Cessna Excel, Cessna Sovereign,
Challenger 300, Gulfstream 200)

7-9 passengers
Max. range of 3 900 – 6 300 km
Max. speed of 816 – 860 km/h

Heavy Jets


(e.g. Embreaer Legacy 600, Gulfstream 650,
Global Express, Falcon 7X)

12-16 passengers
Max. range of 9 250 – 12 501 km
Max. speed of avg. 905 km/h

Jet Airliners


(e.g. Boeing 737-500 VIP,
Embraer E135, Airbus 320)

18-120 passengers
Max. range of 3 400 – 4 400 km
Max. speed of 828 – 870 km/h

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Maximum Safety
and Quality

Quality and safety are our company’s basic values. We constantly train our employees, we undergo regular audits and obtain a number of certifications and valuations.

and Comfort

Our consultant team works 24/7 to ensure that you can depart on two hours’ notice on a business trip or holiday, fast, discretely and in complete comfort.

Top-quality Aircraft
and Experienced Crew

Pleasant stewardesses take care of you on board. The pilots ensure a quiet and safe flight. You can enjoy it in peace or get ready for an important meeting.


Send us a non-binding request for your flight and we will prepare a tailor-made package that will, inter alia, contain proposals for aircraft, dates, the price, on-board catering and other services.

More information

I am very happy to personally welcome every passenger on board an ABS Jets flight, during which they can always expect the maximum flight experience in our top class aircraft, high standards of quality, safety and without any complications.

Rudolf Novák
pilot in command
Palubní průvodčí

Every flight is different and special, it always starts with a blank sheet of paper. I believe that the combination of several factors, which are, among other things, ensuring safety and providing comfort and service at the highest level, makes the flight a unique and unforgettable experience for our clients. The personal and at the same time professional approach focused on every detail, from the moment they come on board until they leave, is what makes it something unique for our passengers.

Adéla Kobza Přibylová
flight attendant


Accompanying services, such as rental of a car or limousine, rental of a helicopter, boat or yacht, selection and reservation of a hotel, tickets to events and much more can be arranged and tailored to your needs with the Travel Management service.

More about the service



Discover paradise on earth and enjoy a deserved holiday. According to many, this Asian island in the Indian Ocean is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

St. Martin

Visit an island in the Caribbean that is part of the Lesser Antilles. Saint Martin offers wonderful sandy beaches, a warm sea and sun the whole year round.


Enjoy the Real Greece. The island of Mykonos has beautiful beaches, blue sea, sights to see and night life. Enjoy the local atmosphere and popular Greek dishes.


Experience a holiday in Split, Croatia, on the coast of the Adriatic. In addition to the opportunity to hire a yacht, you can travel around Split and explore its history and culture.

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  • How can I request a non-binding offer of flights?

    You can use the online form at our website to send your flight request. You can also contact our agents at the e-mail address or by calling +420 733 788 792.

  • When will I receive a calculation for the requested flights?

    For flights in Europe you can expect a current price offer for available aircraft within a few hours or even minutes. Offers for flights to more distant parts of the world or aircraft with a higher capacity could take longer.

  • How soon after the confirmation of an order can I depart?

    In ideal conditions, where an aircraft is available with the crew and all the necessary flight permits have been received, it is possible to depart within two hours of flight confirmation. It always depends on aircraft and crew availability, the routing, difficulty and the client’s requirements.

  • What happens after a flight reservation for a private aircraft?

    As soon as you choose the type of aircraft, a contract and an invoice for the flight will be issued. After receiving the contract signed by you and the payment for the flight, we will bindingly reserve the aircraft for you. We will be happy to arrange catering in accordance with your wishes, as well as any related services in accordance with requests.

  • How can I pay for a private flight?

    A payment can be made by transfer to ABS Jets’ account in EUR. In urgent cases we also accept card payments. Card payments are subject to bank fees. ABS Jets takes payment using all types of payment cards (except American Express).

  • How long before a flight do I have to be at the airport?

    We recommend that passengers are at the airport at least 15-20 minutes before their planned departure. For larger international airports it is 20-30 minutes.

  • What is check-in at the airport like?

    Most airports have a general aviation terminal (GAT). At the departure and arrival airport you will meet the aircraft captain and the handling agent, who will accompany you to the aircraft. In the event you are interested in a transfer to any airport, we will be happy to arrange it.

  • Can I travel with my dog?

    In most private aircraft it is possible to travel with your dogs in the cabin. A dog that travels in an aircraft, however, has to have the necessary documents. Every country has different conditions and rules for travelling with dogs.

  • What does “empty leg” mean?

    It is a part of a trip by an aircraft without pre-planned passengers on board. In most cases they are flights where an aircraft is returning to its home airport (base) after a flight or moving between individual destinations, so that it is available for a flight for another client. These flights can be offered to other customers for a lower price, but they do not offer the same flexibility as pre-reserved flights that are subordinated to your needs.

  • What is a slot?

    A slot is a time period that is allocated to an aircraft so that it can take off (with a tolerance of approx. ±5 to 10 minutes, depending on the relevant airport) due to the occupancy of flight paths in the relevant area or at the relevant airport.

  • What is an ATC slot?

    This concerns flight path regulation. In the event they are overfull, an aircraft is allocated a 15-minute period that it needs to comply with for a specific flight on a specific day. In European airspace ATC slots are centrally coordinated and allocated by EuroControl, which is based in Brussels.

  • What is an airport slot?

    In the case of flights with commercial carriers, it is a defined time that is allocated by the airport administration and the local Air Traffic Control for regular departures and arrivals. An airport slot is usually valid for a specific season and the current timetable. An airport slot can be allocated to an aircraft in an unplanned fashion, in the event of increased traffic at the airport for regulation of departures and arrivals, depending on the capacity of the runway and the apron at the airport.

  • What influences the price of private flights?

    The price for a flight is created individually for each flight and is influenced by many factors. This primarily concerns the availability of aircraft and crews, the destination, the aircraft type and category, the price of flying hours, airport charges, on-board service, and the length of stay in the destination.

  • What types of aircraft can I fly in?

    Our company cooperates with a wide range of partner operators, who have all types of aircraft from very light to the largest ultra long range. In the case of a larger number of passengers, we will be happy to arrange a VIP airliner.

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