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Imagine absolute freedom of travel. At ABS Jets, we will arrange a private jet that will take you anywhere you wish in a fraction of the time. The world’s most comfortable and luxurious aircraft belong to our fleet. Within an environment of privacy, we offer first-class on-board services, the finest catering to match your tastes, and an aircraft crew ready to meet your every request.

Our charter and brokerage department will arrange private flights anywhere in the world for you. Do you need to take off for a meeting in Geneva in a couple of hours or do you want to get to a beach in the Caribbean in 10 hours without stopping over? Our team of consultants is always available to you and can make your wish come true in no time at all.

Our consultant will recommend a suitable type of aircraft that will be the optimal choice for your journey. We are capable of offering you a small and cost-efficient Cessna Citation CJ2, or we can provide you with an incredible flying experience in one of the fastest and most comfortable business jets in the world – the Gulfstream G650.

Not only will we plan your actual flight, but we can also transport you to your final destination by limousine or helicopter and arrange a booking at a luxury hotel. Thanks to our own flight planning operations centre, we monitor the entire course of your flight, which allows us to contact you or authorised persons about the flight’s status and also lets us quickly respond to any possible changes in the flight schedule.


Quality & Safetyis our commitment ≫

Non-binding inquiry

Offering everything for your perfect flight experience

Naturally, there is no unnecessary waiting during passenger check-in at VIP terminals.
Priority check-in at VIP terminals
Thanks to our own operations centre, we are able to plan your flight effectively, dependably, and safely.
Flight coordination
We are not just an air taxi – we will comprehensively handle your journey, from booking a hotel to renting a limousine.
Comprehensive travel management
Masters of cuisine will prepare luxury meals from first-class ingredients for you.
Exclusive catering according to your needs
We will take you quickly and comfortably to and from the aircraft, and handle all your luggage with great care.
Passenger and luggage transport to and from the aircraft


We are always ready to cater to your needs. In the case that our fleet does not have the capacity or if you require an aircraft of a different category, we will instantly find an ideal solution for you through our international network of partners. We cooperate only with selected business jet operators who meet strict safety regulations, own a commercial airline licence, and guarantee the highest airworthiness standards.

Choose the best business jet to suit your needs

All the aircraft we offer belong to a group of jets providing the highest possible level of comfort and safety. Aircraft types with capacities of 4–8 passengers is the most frequently used category. However, we will be glad to arrange for you a private jet rental for up to 60 passengers, for example, a large airliner such as an Airbus or Boeing.

Ultra Long-range jets 13-18 pasažérů 12 964 km dolet
více letadel
Ultra Long range jets 13-18 pasažérů 12 964 km dolet
více letadel

How much will I pay for travelling in a private jet?

The price for flying in a private jet depends on several factors, including the flight duration, the aircraft’s hourly rate, positioning routes (whether the aircraft has an empty leg before or after your flight). The price also includes navigation, airport, ground handling, and catering fees.

Factors influencing the price of a private flight


  • How long will it take me to receive an estimate for requested flights?

    You can expect to receive a current price offer for available aircraft for flights around Europe within a few hours or even minutes. Offers for flights to more remote areas of the globe or for aircraft with higher capacities may take longer.

  • How long after order confirmation can I depart?

    Under ideal circumstances – when the jet and crew are available and all necessary permits for flight are granted – it is possible to depart as soon as two hours from the time of confirming the flight. It always depends on the availability of the aircraft/crew, the given route, its complexity, and the client’s needs.

  • What happens after the flight is booked?

    After you have selected a jet, you will be presented with a flight contract. Upon receiving the signed contract from the client, the aircraft reservation is binding. We will gladly arrange catering to suit your taste and any other related services as requested. Based on the issued invoice, payment for the flight must always be settled before departure of the aircraft.

  • How can I pay for a private flight?

    Payment for a flight is possible via bank transfer to the EUR currency account of ABS Jets. In urgent cases, we also accept credit cards, however, these payments are subject to bank charges. At ABS Jets, we accept all types of credit cards.

  • How long before the flight must I arrive at the airport?

    We recommend that passengers arrive at the airport at least 15 minutes before scheduled departure.

  • How does the check-in process take place at the airport?

    Most airports manage a terminal for clearing private flights, i.e. GAT (General Aviation Terminal). During the course of every departure, you will meet the aircraft’s captain and ground handling agent, both of whom will accompany you to the aircraft. After arriving, the ground handling agent will be waiting to take you to the terminal. If you are interested, we would be happy to arrange an airport transfer service for you at any airport.

  • Can I travel with my pet?

    Most private aircraft allow clients to travel with their pet in the cabin. However, a travelling pet must have the necessary documentation for transport. Each country has different conditions and regulations for travelling with a pet.

  • What does an „empty leg“ mean? Is it a positioning flight?

    An „empty leg“ is a section of an aircraft’s trip without previously scheduled passengers on board. In most cases, this occurs when the aircraft returns to its home airport (base) after a flight, or it relocates to another destination in order to be available for the next client. These flights can be the subject of an operative offer to other passengers at a lower cost. They do not, however, offer the same flexibility as flights booked in advance, which cater to your every need.

  • What is a „slot“?

    A „slot“ is a period of time that is allocated to an aircraft for take-off (with a tolerance of approx. -5 to +10 minutes depending on the given airport) due to congested flight routes in a specific area or a given airport.

    Slots are further divided into airport slots and ATC slots

  • What is an Air Traffic Control (ATC) slot?

    It deals with the regulation of flight routes. If they are congested, the aircraft is allocated a 15-minute period, which must be adhered to for the specific flight at the given time. In the case of European airspace, ATC slots are centrally coordinated and allocated by EuroControl with its headquarters in Brussels.

  • What is an airport slot?

    When it comes to commercial carrier flights, it is a defined time that is allocated by the airport authority and the local air traffic control for regular arrivals and departures. An airport slot is often valid for a particular season and current flight schedule.
    An airport slot can also be allocated unexpectedly to an aircraft if the traffic situation at the given airport increases and requires the direction of arrivals and departures in connection with the capacity of the airport runway or apron.

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