Factors influencing the price of a private flight

One-way flight

Its price is often higher due to the charge of an empty leg, as the aircraft must return to its base. Our aim is to eliminate empty legs in order to offer you the most attractive price for the flight.

Return flight

The price depends on the length of the stay at the temporary destination. It is usually possible to park an aircraft for a maximum of 3-4 days (always depending on the aircraft’s schedule). If the stay happens to be longer, the flight is usually calculated as two one-way flights.

Is the price in the quotation final or are there any hidden fees?

The price of the private jet charter is final. It includes all flight costs, landing fees, ground handling service charges and VIP catering. The only item the price does not include is the possible de-icing of the aircraft, if it is absolutely necessary. This fee is invoiced after the flight.

Does the value-added tax (VAT) apply to the price of the flight?

The VAT is applied only on domestic flights.

Are there any cancellation fees for private flights?

Yes. If you cancel your binding reservation before the scheduled departure, cancellation fees will be applied. These specific conditions will be communicated to you during the binding reservation and contract signing.

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