Our employees' stories

Denisa – Flight Attendant

I’ve only been working at ABS JETS for a short time, since March 2017. A passion for travel brought me here. I’ve traveled across the U.S., worked as a tour manager in Crete on cruises, and as a ski instructor in the Czech mountains. I’ve never flown before, but from the first day in the air I knew this work was perfect. You are never bored, and you discover new places and meet new people every day. You have to learn to respond promptly to changes that quite often happen at a moment’s notice. In short, you have to be flexible and ready for anything.

This work involves some challenges, such as occasionally getting up early or staying at a different hotel every night. However, the reward is the feeling of being the first to see a beautiful sunrise floating above the clouds after your plane takes off in the morning. At these times, I’m really thankful for this great and uplifting work!


Jan – Planning and Logistics Manager

My first encounter with ABS Jets was in consultations for my university thesis. Successfully defending this thesis opened a door to the organization and, in 2010, I began as an assistant in the CAMO department. In the following year, I was offered a position as production planning engineer, and later, given the opportunity to become Planning and Logistic Manager. Currently, I’m responsible for a team of 16 employees and cordial colleagues.

I’ve had many opportunities to augment my technical knowledge through training at ABS Jets. I’ve become familiar with the need for continual improvement in maintenance and also been part of a team that implemented a custom IT system for the technical department.

I mainly approach my job as a challenge to learn something new, aiming to understand and streamline established rules. The most important thing for me, though, are my colleagues and the joint effort to keep pushing ABS Jets forward.


Abzal – Aircraft Technician

I’ve been working at ABS Jets as an aircraft technician since June 2015. I participate in developing the aircraft’s electrical systems, and installing avionics inbuild in accordance with aviation regulations, such as electrical systems and cables. I also prepare documentation necessary for avionics exam certification, including blueprints, analyse flight data from FDRs (Flight Data Recorders), and verify the functionality of electronic and digital systems after aircraft parts have been installed.

After graduating from the Specialised Secondary School of Civil Aviation, where I studied to become an electromechanical technician, I came to ABS Jets. Over 18 months, I gained experience working with colleagues and was then sent to Paris to complete the B1 and B2 exams for Embraer 135/145 aircraft – exams I passed successfully.

I value the fact that ABS Jets gives me the room to continue learning new things and improve my expertise. What interests me, for example, is that we can participate in test flights. My colleagues here are great and the team’s atmosphere is friendly, so I really enjoy working at ABS Jets.


Ľudo – Ground Handling Manager

I became a ground handling agent at ABS Jets in 2009, just before they started offering those services. I had previous ground handling experience working at Bratislava airport’s ground handling section. While the company’s base at Bratislava airport was under construction, only four of us were available for ground handling, but as the company grew and more work came, I was offered to become Assistant Ground Handling Manager in 2014. This let me see the work in a new light and offered greater opportunities for fulfilment. Aside from regular, business ground handling, I also helped organize our team.

After about a year, I became Ground Handling Manager, which has let me work in a very diverse role and lead a team. Working as part of a stable and strong group inspires me, and helps to keep raising our service quality to the highest standards. At the same time, I appreciate the support from company management and colleagues in other departments in developing the Bratislava branch. Despite my responsibilities as a manager, I stay in touch with colleagues and continue working as a technical ground handling agent.


Jan – Senior Operations Dispatcher

I started working at ABS Jets in 2011 while still studying at university. I was given the opportunity to work part-time with ground handling services, where I stayed for almost two years. Here, I gained excellent experience for my future transfer to operation control centre.

Although I’ve been working at ABS Jets for over five years, my job is still fun thanks to diversity, innovation, and the opportunity to work with people I keep learning new things from. My work also lets me get to know details about many interesting destinations. For example, I’ve planned a world-wide flight, and I’ve also participated in an Observer Flight over the Atlantic. An operations dispatcher’s work is challenging and demands quick and precise reactions. Sometimes, it provides an adrenaline rush, but it’s never boring! I also enjoy the friendly corporate culture where my colleagues have gradually become friends. Another interesting fact is that our team is mixed, and surprisingly, men are not the majority.

ABS Jets

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